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Talk Love Tape (All Platforms)"Today I want to shine the spotlight on Tony
Wavy's latest project, Hopstar. From the jump, I
could tell this project would be unique. Tony does
something I don't see too often, if ever, on this tape;
he includes live recordings of his songs. This
approach cuts against the grain of the typical
project, which was an interesting approach that I
respect. These recordings include segments from
performances in which Tony is being introduced by
the promoter or being hyped by other artists. This
was dope to hear and created a new perspective for
the listener.
The project further did a great job of bringing
excitement through the music. The production was
solid and carried a smooth aura through its sampling
and beat selection. Tony can combine storytelling
with intricate wordplay when you really get to
listening. He doesn't waste time with his varying
deliver and cadence and dances around the inner
workings of making it in today's game. If you're
looking for a fresh approach to a project or just want
to experience a good collection of sounds, I
recommend giving this a listen. Put Tony Wavy on
your radar."
-RapZebra Review


New Music

Real Big - Jonny Onetime( Feat. Tony Wavy)


Coming Soon

Tqwuditdu x Tony Wavy (Prod. by Onetime)